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Jack Rice is a criminal defense trial lawyer who provides legal advice to those charged with crimes in Federal and Minnesota State courtrooms.

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A reputation is worth everything.  Being convicted of the crime of DWI can directly impact that.  It will stay on your record and can be found there for years and years. All of a sudden, you can become a convicted criminal. Because DWIs are enhanceable, they get more and more serious over time and can result in mandatory minimum sentences. Beyond the title of criminal, being convicted of a DWI can also mean real jail time or even prison. However, it doesn't stop there. There can be license ramifications, vehicle forfeitures, and no use provisions during probationary periods. While the impact for these can be very real on their own, it is when there are injuries or fatalities that these can become extremely serious to include criminal vehicular operation to homicide.

Despite the utter failure of the United States and Minnesota to stem the flow of drugs into the state and country or the usage here, the war on drugs continues. Just take a look at the number of people sitting in jail cells across the state and country who are there specifically because of drugs.  Hence, the war on those charged with the possession, sale, manufacturing and distribution also continues. While there have been some recent changes that are positive, some of the guideline sentences have actually increased and officers are as aggressive as before.

Most people assume the a juvenile conviction will not follow you into adulthood. This simply may not be the case. There are a whole series of charges that can absolutely follow one after they turn eight. In fact, because of what happens in these cases, their circumstances as adults may be substantially worse. Because of this, it is critically important to treat juvenile charges with the greatest care and fight them as aggressively as they would adult charges.    

People charged with violent offenses may face everything from misdemeanor domestic assault and fifth degree assault, to terroristic threats, to felony domestic assault by strangulation, to murder. Many of these charges may result in jail or prison sentences if convicted. And sometimes, the facts surrounding the claims may at first glance appear to be overwhelming. Further, without careful analysis by an experienced criminal defense lawyer, a jury may want to find somebody, anybody, responsible for the crime. This is about more than simple legal analysis. This is about the ability to convince a jury we are right and the government is wrong.

Property crimes include anything from simple theft, to destruction of property, to arson, to burglary, from simple misdemeanors to complex felonies. Bribery could be another such crime. And what makes cases like these so difficult is that those convicted of such charges could face felony convictions for extremely small dollar amounts. In fact, even if the amount is a single dollar, the consequences could be severe. Scratching a car door could rise to the level of a felony. As importantly, the ramifications of a felony conviction can haunt a person for the remainder of their life. It can impact a job, the ability to get into school, the ability to rent an apartment, the ability to join the military, get a passport, or to gain citizenship in the first place.

Expungements provide the opportunity for a clean slate. Look, we all make mistakes. Sometimes a youthful indiscretion. Sometimes, something more recent.  Regardless, a criminal conviction can define one when they are applying for jobs, housing, travel, weapons possession, loans and more. Because of recent law changes, the courts have begun to recognize the benefit of clearing people’s records of criminal convictions.  If you are such a person, this may be your opportunity.

Crimes involving sexual assault, rape and child pornography are frequently the most difficult cases to handle. In Minnesota, these are typically known as Criminal Sexual Conduct (CSC) crimes and the consequences can absolutely be as severe as any murder case. Because of many recent sentencing changes, even people with an absolutely perfect record could face years and years in prison and be required to register as a sexual offender for the rest of their lives. Experience is critical in cases like these because the pressure to prosecute is extensive. I believe with confidence that the before and after of a CSC conviction can be stark.

Domestic assault charges can be the most emotional and legally difficult charges one faces. They are quite personal, can be very confusing to the person charged, to the entire family including children, and to a jury. Because domestic assault charges, no contact orders, and orders for protection are enhanceable, subsequent charges can become more and more serious, reaching felony levels very quickly. They can also have extremely serious collateral consequences including denial of gun rights and for people with licenses like nurses, doctors, police officers, members of the armed forces, and teachers, loss of employment.

People facing probation violations and revocations should take them extremely seriously.  Probation violations can be particularly difficult because the government does not have the same standard of proof to establish the violation.  The problem is that judges will frequently sentence those in violation to more serious sentences than they received from the original conviction.  As a result, it is critical to understand what probation is claiming and fight as aggressively as possible to avoid the violation.  

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