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Domestic Assault

Domestic assault charges can be some of those most emotional and legally difficult charges somebody faces. Frequently, they are very personal, very confusing to the person charged and to a jury.  In addition the ramifications can be much worse than just the time spent in a jail cell.  After all, they don't just impact you but also the entire family.

If you or a loved one is found guilty of domestic assault, whether misdemeanor, gross misdemeanor or felony, you could face the ramifications of being a violent offender.  This certainly opens you up to jail time but could also impact everything from treatment requirements to difficulties renting a house or apartment or even getting or keeping a job. And if you are a foreign national, the phrase crime of moral turpitude could possibly destroy your chances to stay in the U.S.

Frequently in Minnesota, judges issue something called an Order for Protection.  This often requires the person charged, not even convicted, to find a different place to live, if the alleged victim lives in the same residence. This is true even if this is a first offense and the person charged has an absolutely clean record.

Because of Jack's experience in Minnesota courtrooms, he understands how to deal with these kinds of charges. As a prosecutor in Minnesota, Jack was responsible for convicting people charged with such offenses.  And, as a prosecutor, he took many of these kinds of cases to trial.  Because of this experience, Jack understands and knows what to expect from prosecutors.  As a criminal defense attorney, he has successfully received not guilty verdicts from juries for those charged with domestic assault and knows what is necessary to defend against government claims.

In order to prepare for such charges, your attorney needs to understand the whole story, who was involved, what motivates them, why they do what they do, everything.  People facing charges like these need to be prepared and they need an attorney who knows how to prepare. This is why you should have Jack standing beside and in front of you throughout the entire case. 

Domestic Assault Offenses may include but are not limited to:

  • Misdemeanor Disorderly Conduct

  • Misdemeanor, Gross Misdemeanor and Felony Domestic Assault

  • Gross Misdemeanor and Felony Malicious Punishment Charges

  • Misdemeanor, Gross Misdemeanor and Felony Violation of No Contact Orders

  • Misdemeanor, Gross Misdemeanor and Felony Violation of Orders for Protection

  • Misdemeanor, Gross Misdemeanor and Felony Violation of Harassment Restraining Orders

  • Stalking

  • Child Endangerment Charges

  • Terroristic Threats

Jack stood by me and represented me when I was falsely accused. He will fight to win your case for you and has the legal expertise to do so.
— Anonymous Client Testimony