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Kurdistan Regional Government Representative Discusses Life Under Saddam

Ms. Bayan Sami Abdul Rahman, a Kurdistan Regional Government Representative, travelled to the United States and appeared on The Jack Rice Show to discuss the history of the Kurdish people under the rule of Saddam Hussein as well as the development of Kurdistan, a semi autonomous region in Northern Iraq since his overthrow.
Ms. Rahman is an experienced journalist with a keen eye for events and certainly has a very personal story to tell. Her late father, Sami Abdul Rahman, was a veteran of the Kurdish movement, joining the Kurdistan Democratic Party in 1963 and playing a critical role in the Kurdish and Iraqi opposition to Saddam Hussein’s regime. He held the post of Deputy Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Regional Government between 1999 and February 2004, when he and his elder son were killed in a suicide bombing. As a result, when Ms. Rahman talks about her country and her people, she has an understandable passion.
American officials have described Kurdish Peshmerga fighters as some of the most valued, reliable and fierce in the new Iraqi army. Of course, that fact does cause tension among other elements of Iraqi society, specifically some of the Sunni to the south.
Kurdistan consists of three provinces in the north third of Iraq and borders Turkey, Iran and Syria. Kurdistan is estimated to hold the sixth largest oil reserve in the world. This last fact has also caused tension as to who owns the rights to those reserves, and in what quantities.