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A Hooded Iraqi Commando in Baghdad

Another insurgency attack on the Green Zone in Baghdad has left two dead as Iraq continues its struggle toward the upcoming elections. Some 60 miles west of the capital in Ramadi, three people were killed and 16 wounded when a roadside bomb exploded near a bus. Simulaneously, the U.S. military expanded its offensive in western Iraq, attacking insurgency positions near the Syrian border. According to U.S. estimates and news reports, about 50 insurgents were killed as a result of airstrikes and house-to-house street fighting.
Success, however, seems elusive. Killing one insurgent may slow the insurgency and convince others to lay down their arms. Or, it may convince the rest to fight harder and to motivate the surviving family members of the fallen to pick up an RPG or AK-47 themselves. That is the struggle faced by our troops in the field. Sometimes, it appears that politicians here in the U.S. sit in their wood paneled offices and contemplate ways to scores political points against their adversaries, Republicans against Democrats and visa versa, rather than address the realities of those who are fighting the fight. On Veterans Day, did we see good will between the parties? Do we see a moment of bipartisan clarity? Of course not!
We will go live to Baghdad for an update.