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First Hand Experiences In War

Anthony Shadid is a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist and Arabic speaker with the Washington Post who was in Iraq before the bombs fell and stayed even as the fighting continued. Rather than spending his time looking at U.S. actions from the American point of view, he looked at the impact of the fighting on the people of Iraq. He looked at the little stories like those of a young girl writing in her diary about the difficulties and struggles faced by her and her family.
He looked at people he called his friends, some who were thrilled with the coming onslaught and others less certain. He focused on the the tension between occupier and liberator, the tension between security and freedom.
His accounts are useful because when we make political or military decisions, we need to determine how those decisions are perceived by the people whom we say we are their to protect. Of course, Anthony will also talk about the future of Iraq.
Cathy Sulton is an American who moved to Beirut with her Lebanese Doctor husband and their two children. She provides a shocking account of living among the carnage in this remakable city. Further, she talks about the struggles faced by many trying to raise her children and get along with her in-laws, while trying to avoid being killed during a devastating civil war that killed thousands. Cathy will join me in studio to discuss her life.

The purpose for having both Anthony and Cathy on The Jack Rice Show is to avoid the mistake of always going big picture when it comes to conflict, be it the Iraq War or past wars. Rather, the purpose for both is to provide clarity by going very, very small picture. Often, only when looking at the very small picture can we truly see the impact of conflict and understand individually what it means.
Both Anythony and Cathy will be on the program Monday. It promises to be truly memorable.