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Jack Rice is a criminal defense trial lawyer who provides legal advice to those charged with crimes in Federal and Minnesota State courtrooms.


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The Jack Rice Show, Friday, November 17, 2006.

Jack discussed the President's visit to Vietnam today. The President that one of the things that we learned from Vietnam is that we only fail if we quit. Is that what Vietnam taught us? Were there any other lessons to be learned from Vietnam?

Tyler Drumheller is the for Chief of the European Division of the Clandestine Service at CIA. And what he has to say about the Agency and about what he told to former DCI George Tenet about Saddam Hussein is nothing but astounding. In his book, On the Brink, he tells never heard before stories from the inside.

John Riedle, Professor of computer science and engineering at the U of M talks about the Play Station 3 and the gaming craze. Why have on-line games become so popular and what will the future bring?

Jeff Kosseff, investigative reporter with the Oregonian blew the lid off a business who received federal monies for a program to hire people with severe disabilities that ended up going to undocumented workers. Jack brings us an example of journalism at its best.