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American/Iraqi Operations Conducted Around the Country

Maybe the biggest question on the minds of the American people is, When will the Iraqi Army stand up? Well, I can tell you from first hand experience that they are attempting to do so as we speak.

I have been watching joint operations being run by both the Iraqis and the Americans. Are the Iraqi troops comperable to the Americans? Based upon my experience, not even close. Are they getting better? Yes, absolutely. So how long? The $100,000 question. Who knows? Do we have the patience?

I stood right in the middle of these men as they ran operations in Ghazaleeyah and elsewhere outside of Baghdad. In fact, during one of these operations, I went into houses with only Iraqi troops while the Americans sat on the sidelines.

I had a chance to talk to Iraqis about their efforts as well. What I can say is that they are very brave people doing an impossible job. They are being killed in large numbers and many are driven to it out of patriotism. Many are driven to it out of money. Either way, if the Iraqis themselves are unwilling to defend their own country, we under no circumstances will ever been able to leave.

I spoke with an Iraqi Officer about the hopes for his country. He is committed even though he acknowledges that working with the Americans is very dangerous for he and his family. As he puts it, "it is our future."Iraqi Col. Abdullah Hazam

That takes guts. How many of us would put our lives on the line. And by the way, it appears to be far more dangerous to be an Iraqi soldier than to be an American one. The number of deaths and injuries certainly supports that conclusion.