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"I Love You Mister"

The school is two stories. It is surrounded with a large wall. The windows have heavy metal screens and the walls have large blue stripes. The outer wall has two children, one in a dress, one in long pants apparently on their way to school. It first caught my attention not so much because of what it looked like but rather because of what it sounded like.

I was visiting the Al-Ghazalyah Police Station when in the distance, I heard kids screaming, in a good way. You could hear them playing and making a heck of a racket. I immediately wanted to go to the school but had to wait. This area is very dangerous and the number of shooting and IED attacks has been increasing. As a result, it needed several American soldiers around me as a moved toward the school.

By the time I was on school grounds, the kids had finished their play time and were supposed to be back in class. However, when they saw me and the soldiers, bedlum broke out. They started laughing and clapping and screaming out the window.

This was a school for boy. Their ages looked to be between eight and twelve. They all wore uniforms. blue pants and white shirts. But that certainly didn't stop them from expressing themselves.

Because their English was limited, they kept throwing out the only words they knew. "I Love You Mister. I Love You Mister. Hello. I Love You Mister." I couldn't help but smile ad say, "I Love You Too" All the while, the teachers were trying to regain control of their classes. I'm sure I was not the popular person inthe teachers' lounge that day. Oh well. Certainly, a day to remember. And I had a hell of a time.

Sometimes, scenes like this only reconfirm my belief that in many ways, we are very much alike. And if we can find a way to build on that, then we really have something going.