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Lost Boy

The poverty in parts of Iraq is astounding. Al-Ghazalyah is certainly no exception and may be worse than most. There is trash everywhere and raw sewage in the streets. The stench is overwhelming. Many people appear to be living in almost impossible conditions. And all of this while a war is going on.

I have found this look all over the world. It is hard to describe but I have always described them as lost boys. Those that from a very young age have almost no chance to live up to their true potential. This child seems to fall into this category.

His clothes are obviously not his. They are far too large. And very dirty. He has no shoes. And he is filthy. And he must live in this filth. I tried to get his attention but to no avail. As I moved closer, he ran down this hallway and disappeared from sight. How does he live? Does anyone care?

I have been here in Iraq for a few weeks and as I watch events unfold around me, I know that the answers to this problem are not simple one. Do we feed this child and every other child?

What about our own? Our country has needs that are not being met now!

Do we do half measures. Feed half. Wash half. That would result in half the world's kids fat and dirty, the other clean and starving. On the other hand, looking into the eyes of this child, what could he become in the future. Could he be the savior of this country? Could he find the cure for cancer? Could he become the next insurgent that kills American soldiers in these streets?

Sometimes, I think it would be cheaper to feed and wash everybody than it would be to fight them later. But would that be any guarantee to a safer world?