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The Soldier is a Gunner - And She's 5'1"

Krystal Choquette is a U.S. Army MP with the 18th MP Brigade here in Iraq. And she is also a gunner in this up-armored humvee travelling through in Baghdad. She has a 50 cal. machine gun mounted on the turret, has an M-16 in her right hand and a Saw, a belt fed machine gun at her feet. You don't see her eyes because of the sunglasses. And traffic in the streets doesn't hear her voice. She doesn't scream. Instead, she uses a whistle. Everytime she needs somebody's attention, she doesn't ask. She demands it!She stands 5'1" and can't see over the turret without a box. Another soldier helped her attach the wooden box to their humvee. It was the box that the uparmored windows arrived in.

When this 20 year old was young, she was a tomboy. So, when she joined the Army, she wanted something aggressive. And this was the best job for her. She wasn't allowed to be in conbat. She's a woman and that is military policy. Well, guess what? Combat is all around her and if the stiffs in Washington DC don't know that, they have a lot more troubles than we know about.

Many have debated whether women should be in the Army. Well, if you talk to Krystal, I suspect all of your questions would be answered. The question is not about gender. The question is about competency. And that is what she is all about!