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Exhausted and Thrilled All at the Same Time

March 17, 2006
Kuwait International Airport

I'm on my way home and I'm exhausted. Following the story all day and then trying to get it on the air after that has worn on me. But something else has worn on me too. We were mortered almost every night I was in country. And the IED that hit too close for comfort.

As I write this from the airport, I keep hearing a boom. I'm not sure if it is Expolsive Ordinance Disposal (OED) getting rid of explosives on the Ali Al Sabah Airbase or just a door being banged shut. Either way, every time I hear it, I feel the need to duck. But I guess that is nothing.

The people who stay here when I leave deal with this everyday. I know that all have to find ways to cope. Many are scared and told me so. Makes complete damn sense to me. I was scared. Some joke. Some bluster. Some feel nothing. However, it manifests itself, this is one of the costs of us being here.

I am about to jump on a plane for home, to my wife Marlo, to my daughters. But I won't forget all of the stories, all of the faces. Some made it to the air. Many did not. There is only so much time. But the privilege was mine to hear each and everyone of the them.

Good night and my next correspondence will be from American soil.