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Middle East Troubles Continue

Violence continues to erupt around the Middle East. In Tel Aviv, a suicide bomber killed himself and nine others while two Palestinian terrorist organizations have claimed responsibility. I remember walking the streets of this city and I try to imagine the terror of never knowing whether today will be your last.

Also, Iran and Qatar have agreed to continue funder the Hamas lead government of Palestine while much of the rest of the world has boycotted such support because Palestine has continued to deny Israel's right to exist. Also, Hamas has called for the destruction of Israel.

Finally, mulitple attacks continue to plague US and Iraqi troops in Iraq. Some 12 more bodies have been found in a Baghdad suburb at the time of the writing but those numbers are expected to grow; they always seem to do so.

Iraq has also failed to establish a so-called unity government. Some are saying things are improving while other seem dubious. Al-Jaafri may have the support of his own party but many in the Sunni and Kurdish parties continue to reject him.

From my perspective, the numbers don't lie. Death has continued in the streets on a staggering pace and whether or not enough good is being done to overcome it is the real question at the moment. Only time will tell.