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A Day of Protest

Hundreds of thousands of undocumented immigrant workers and their supporters and their allies intend to march in the streets across this country today. From New York to L.A. to Minneapolis, they will show their force in terms of numbers and economic power.

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Some have argued that this show of support is good for those seeking legal status. Others, also supporters have argued that this causes fear and mistrust and makes some believe that immigrants are a threat. Even Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa urged students to stay in school and to refrain from using any flags but the American flag.

Those opposed to a plan being discussed in the U.S. Senate for an immigration plan say the cost of immigration is too high and ignores that providing legal status will only encourage more people to come. The Minuteman Civil Defense Corps of California, a self proclaimed citizen defense group spent today beuilding a six foot barb wire fence to support their belief that fences make good neighbors.

However, if we build fences, won't immigrants just climb over them? Or dig under them? Or walk around them? Wouldn't you? If you were not lucky enough to have been born in this country, wouldn't you come here if it made your and your family's lives better, even if it were illegal?

With no end in sight, all sides are struggling to come up with an answer.

We will go live to Los Angeles and New Yrok today to discuss the matter. In addition, we will talk with experts here in town as well as at least one undocumented worker about how he feels about this "Day of Protest." Finally, we will be taking your calls at 651-989-9226 or 1-800-327-8255.