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Flying in a B-25 World War 2 Bomber.

Today, I had the privilege to fly on a B-25 World War 2 era bomber. It was a hell of an experience. While I think the pictures speak for themsevles, to see this plane upclose is really something else. The skin of the plane is aluminum and is covered with rivets. The nose of of The Miss Mitchell is certainly reminiscent of a lot of planes from the era. The inside of the plane, on the other hand is sort of pea green, I guess reminiscent of the Army Air Corps. And a pretty tight fit too. Amazing!

Some of the shots of this plane are astounding. They were taken from a T-6 World War 2 fighter plane that escorted us through the skies. As the B-25 lumbered onward, this and another T-6 would shoot in and out of sight only to appear somewhere else. It makes me wonder what it must have been like during World War 2 when enemy fighters could do the same thing and all these men had wa a few 50 cal. machine guns to defend themsevles.

The B-25 typically held 5-6 crewmen including two pilots, a bombadier, gunners and other crewmen. However, this plane is not terribly luxurious. It was hot, incredibly loud and the vibrations must have rattled these men to the core. And, of course, the ever present smell of fuel. Again, for lack of a better description, I have a new found respect.
This photo was taken from a couple of thousand feet in the air. I had to crawl down through a tunnel under the pilots that ended in the nose of the B-25. And as I appeared in the nose, the entire world seemed to open up before me. Wow!
This is where the bombadier would go to target sites. I was able to sit on my knees and look through the crosshairs and the earth below. One little interesting piece of trivia I learned was that at the end. the bombadier actually took control of the place from the pilot to make sure it went exactly where he wanted it in order to deliver his payload. It was very much like a movie except that this was real life. To my right, up in the nose. was a 50 cal. machine gune for additional firepower. I felt very exposed. And yet, nobody was firing at me.
All of this is tied to the 2006 Wings of Freedom Airshow which takes place Memorial Weekend, May 26, 27, & 28 at the Red Wing Municipal Airport. More information about the air show is available at
It truly was a ride of a lifetime. Thanks guys for all of your help.