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Jack Continues his On-Going Series on the UN

Jack is going to be broadcasting a live show from the United Nations Headquarters on June 8, 2006. Since this has been announced, Jack has been doing an on-going series on the purpose of the United Nations, the changes that have been and continue to be made, and the successes and failures of this 50 plus year old organization.

Today, Jack is going to look at some of the failures and the need for reform. Jack will be joined by Fox News Correspondent Eric Shawn to discuss the Oil For Food Program, membership issues, and the need for reform. Eric covers these areas more fully in his book,The UN Exposed. He has been seen on everybody from Fox News to The Daily Show with John Stewart. He joins us today.
In the coming week and a half, we will be discussing the organization and are attempting to talk with former American Ambassadors to the UN, technocrats have who run the organization and former high level officials who set policy goals.

Once jack arrives at the UN headquarters, he will discuss the future of the UN with the officials who are currently working the issues. He will also be jioned by international experts looking at the future of the organization. It should be an exciting show. We hope you can join us on June 8, 2006 from noon to three.