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Porter Goss Resigns from CIA

Porter Goss resigned as the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency this afternoon. While there is a lot of speculation as to his motivations, one thing is perfectly clear. During his tenure, there has been a massive exodus of experienced officers. In fact, more than 300 years of institutional knowledge seems to have been flushed down the proverbial toilet. Losses include the Deputy Director, his Deputy, the chief of the Cladestine Service, the Chief of Intelligence, and more. Worse, it also appears that leadership in the Agency has become more political than ever.

Unfortunately, it appears that the administration isn't smart enough to keep politics away from the intelligence community. As a result, the intelligence can often be skewed and I guess, you get what you look for. This is all the worse when we wrap ourselves in the flag and talk about patriotism and then do this. What an embarrassment.

The Agency has made huge mistakes. However, intelligence should know no political affiliation. It is not left or right. Until we figure that out, we will never be able to straighten out many of the problems that still exist.

I will join Keith Olbermann on MSNBC to discuss Porter's resignation, its implications and any possible successors.