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Jack Rice is a criminal defense trial lawyer who provides legal advice to those charged with crimes in Federal and Minnesota State courtrooms.


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The New Media Seminar in New York City

According to Talkers Magazine, it is known as The Talk Rumble. One of the most anticipated panel events associated with the New Media Seminar in which leading talk hosts from around the country bat around the hot talk radio issues of the day, the Talk Rumble was moderated by Fox News Radio and Fox News Channel star Alan Colmes and WOR Radio Network syndicated talk sensation Dr. Joy Browne. Panelists included: Jim Bohannon, Westwood One; Jerry Doyle, Talk Radio Network; Mike Gallagher, Salem Radio Network; Sam Greenfield, WWRL, New York; Lars Larson, Westwood One/KXL, Portland; Michael Medved, Salem Radio Network; Jack Rice, WCCO, Minneapolis; and Lincoln Ware, WDBZ, Cincinnati. Some of the topics the panel took on included the controversy of Ann Coulter’s new book, immigration reform, gay marriage and indecency on the radio and TV.

Jerry Doyle summed up his feelings about Ann Coulter with a quote that brought the house down: “Ann Coulter is Cheese Whiz for the mentally challenged.”

A number of the more conservative talk hosts on the panel disagreed over the proposed amendment to ban gay marriage. Mike Gallagher said the public backs his take. “I think most Americans resonate with defining marriage as between a man and a woman.”

Lars Larson says he suspects the real reason gays want to get married isn’t about love. “I’d like to see the government out of marriage. I don’t think it’s big government’s business. But I tell my gay friends that it’s all about money. Wanting cash is a craven reason for government approval.”

Michael Medved had a more traditionally conservative perspective. “Gay marriage has to do with some of the worst messages from the 1960s. One is that men and women are the same. They are not. It’s also about detaching love from marriage. One of the things that’s most important to society is the sanctioning of marriage for the sake of children.”

When it comes to illegal immigration, the panelists had differing views on how difficult the problem will be to solve. Jim Bohannon said the immigration policies of the past and the fact that there are millions of illegals already here mandate what must be done. “We have to have a pathway to legal citizenship. We’ve backed ourselves in to a corner on that one and we also have to protect our borders.”

Lincoln Ware noted the difference in the way we treat Mexican illegals and Haitian illegals. “If we treated them like they treat Haitians we wouldn’t have this problem. When Haitians come over on a raft they pick them out of the water and send them right back. As for the fence, we don’t need that. It won’t work. It’s just a way to make it look like the politicians are doing something about it.”

Sam Greenfield said the problem crept up on Americans and now they’re stuck. “For years we’ve made jokes about illegals and all of a sudden, they’re not funny anymore and we want them to pack up and leave. That’s just not going to happen.”

Jack Rice said the backlash against radio and TV because of the Janet Jackson incident several years ago has put a damper on the creative aspect of the medium. “There are the seven dirty words and people know not to use those but we now pull back from the others because we don’t want to offend anybody. That’s because we don’t know how anything even close to the line is going to be taken.”