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Einstein: Scientific Genius or Womanizer. Can't He Be Both?.

A treasure trove of more than 3500 pages of private letters from Albert Einstein has just been made public. These came from the estate of his second wife and his children. And some in the media are trying to use these to show that Einstein was more interested in woman than in science. I must say that this makes me laugh.
We in this country, for some reason, have some overwhelming desire to put everybody in little boxes. They are this. They are that. They are good or evil. Smart or stupid. Black or white.
These letters highlight, yet again, that we live in a world full of shades of grey.
Einstein was a lot of things. A scientific genius, yes. A womanizer, maybe. A peace activist, certainly.
Why must one be synonymous of the other.
One of my favorite sculptures is that of Albert Einstein which stands on the Mall in Washington DC near the State Department in Foggy Bottom. It is so large, one can almost sit in his lap. It's amazing! It looks completely different, depending upon where one stands!
Kind of like life, huh?