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CIA NOC Officer Files Suit Against VP Cheney, Libby and Rove

WASHINGTON (AFP) - Valerie Plame said she was suing US Vice President Dick Cheney and top presidential advisers with a "heavy heart", preferring to have kept her job as a secret CIA agent.

One day after filing suit against Cheney, President George W. Bush's former top adviser Karl Rove as well as a third official for allegedly revealing her identity to damage her diplomat husband's reputation, Plame said she was simply holding her government to account.

"I'd rather continue my career as a CIA agent than as a plaintiff in a lawsuit," she told reporters.

"I exercised my civic duty to hold my government to account for what it had said and done in the name of the American people," she said.

"These officials abused power for personal revenge, broke faith with their obligations as public servants to uphold and defend the Constitution. This remains a nation of laws and no administration official, however powerful, is above the law."

Plame and her husband, US former diplomat Joseph Wilson, charged in the lawsuit filed in Washington that Cheney and others conspired to leak her work at the CIA to strike back at Wilson for clashing with Bush's administration over the Iraq war.

The case grew out of Wilson's allegations following the March 2003 invasion of Iraq that Bush and others had falsely claimed that Iraq had sought uranium in Niger for weapons programs.

The 23-page lawsuit alleges that Plame and Wilson "suffered a violation of rights guaranteed them under the United States Constitution and the laws of the District of Columbia."

It accuses the administration officials, and 10 other unnamed persons, of embarking "on an anonymous 'whispering campaign'."

"The audacity and malevolence of that campaign is compounded by the fact that at the same time the Wilsons were being attacked, the administration in fact was acknowledging the validity of Mr. Wilson's public statements."

It demands compensatory damages for violation of Constitutional law, punitive damages, attorney's fee and costs, and "all other relief as may be just and proper."

In July 2003, conservative writer Robert Novak cited unnamed senior administration sources when he revealed in a column criticizing Wilson that his wife was a CIA operative.

On Wednesday, Novak revealed in a column that two of his sources on Plame were Rove and CIA public information officer Bill Harlow. He said a third source had not authorized him to reveal the source's name.