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Jack Rice is a criminal defense trial lawyer who provides legal advice to those charged with crimes in Federal and Minnesota State courtrooms.


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The Jack Rice Show, Friday, July 21, 2006.

Jack speaks with President Bush's Senior Political Advisor Karl Rove about the midterm elections, the war, stem cell research and just about anything else that comes to mind. Karl is one of the most influential advisors in history. Some love the man.
Others, not so much. However, nobody can deny that his success speaks for itself. The 2000 Presidential elections. The 2002 midterms. The reelection of the President in 2004. While his success continue for the Republicans in 2006? Jack will ask the questions.

Jack will also have a chance to sit down with Congressman Tom Tancredo and talk about immigration. Congressman Tancredo is a Republican and the most vocal critic of the President's plan to provide amnesty to undocumented immigrants as seen in a recent Washington Post article.

Finally, former UN Inspector Scott Ritter joins the program. Scott worked in Iraq from 1991 and 1998 dealing with the build up of weapons of mass destruction. He also told anybody who would listen back in 2002 and 2003 that there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. People scoffed at him them. Who is laughing now? Or maybe that should be crying now!