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Jack Rice is a criminal defense trial lawyer who provides legal advice to those charged with crimes in Federal and Minnesota State courtrooms.


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The Jack Rice Show, Tuesday, August 1, 2006.

Jack speaks with with Barukh Binah, Consul General from Israel to the Midwest about the the Anti-Defamation League accepting Mel Gibson's apology and the war against Hezbollah. Will the Israelis step up the offensive? If they inadvertantly continue to kill civilians, how can they possibly win this conflict? How will the Lebanese government respond?

Fox News analyst Kirsten Powers talks about the recent House approval of the minimum wage bill which also tacked on estate tax cuts. If the estate tax cut could cost $310 billion, who has to pick up the slack? Somebody has to pay that money!

Stephen Segaller, producer of Wide Angle's "Flying Down to Kabul." A Danish pilot reads the story of a 16 year old girl from Afghanistan who wants to be a pilot. So, one her own, this Danish decides to fly her 40 year old Piper Cub from Denmark to Afghanistan to let this young girl fly. Of course, things don't always turn out like we plan.