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Kline and Rowley Face-Off on The Jack Rice Show Hits Papers.

On Friday, Congressman Kline and Coleen Rowley who are running against each other for the 2nd Congressional District race, faced each other for the first on The Jack Rice Show. Well, it certainly got interesting very quickly. And the rest of the media didn't miss the opportunity to comment either. See Sharon Schmickle's Star Tribune column below.

2nd District candidates Kline, Rowley meet at State Fair forum

The GOP incumbent and his Democratic challenger proved almost diametrically opposed on the issues.
Sharon Schmickle, Star Tribune

After months of engaging in testy exchanges from afar, Republican Rep. John Kline and Coleen Rowley, his Democratic challenger for Minnesota's Second District congressional seat, debated each other at the Minnesota State Fair on Friday, showing stark differences on almost every issue.

In one of several clashes, Rowley reminded Kline on WCCO Radio's "Jack Rice Show" that he had said last November he would be "shocked" if the United States wasn't ready to withdraw troops from Iraq in eight or 10 months.

"I am disappointed that we are not withdrawing troops," Kline replied. "The rise in sectarian violence is preventing us from pulling those troops back. ... We have to adapt to conditions on the ground." But Kline, who has been a gung-ho supporter of the Iraq war, said President Bush's efforts there have succeeded on many fronts.

Rowley called for redeploying U.S. forces, saying "progress is not being made." The United States has followed a whack-a-mole policy, she said, stomping down eruptions of violence here and there but failing to secure the peace. When pressed by Kline, Rowley did not say where troops should be redeployed. She said she sides with Rep. John Murtha, D-Pa., who has called for redirecting U.S. troops to fight terrorism on other fronts while leaving a quick reaction force in the Middle East.

Asked whether the United States needs a military draft, Kline said emphatically no. But Rowley said she would keep an "open mind" because the country probably would not be at war in Iraq if more Americans had a direct personal stake in military service and because "our military is weakened now to the breaking point."

Kline, 58, is a retired Marine colonel who won 53 percent of the vote in 2002 and 56 percent in 2004. The district he represents includes all or most of Carver, Scott, Dakota, Le Sueur and Rice counties. Rowley, 51, is a retired FBI agent who won prominence as a whistle-blower in the investigation of terror suspect Zacarias Moussaoui.

In a second debate on KTLK-FM's "Jason Lewis Show," Rowley called for ethics reform in Congress and further controls on campaign finance. Kline, who had raised more money as of June 30 than any other Minnesota congressional candidate, said the last round of campaign finance laws proved to be "terrible public policy," which has worsened problems.

Kline defended Bush's warrantless wiretapping program, recently declared unconstitutional by a federal judge and under appeal. "It is critical that we have such a program," he said.

Rowley said that Bush's program "is illegal" and that a president "cannot unilaterally decide" to go around courts that were set up to issue warrants when they are needed.

Jack promises to bring more surprises and more debates in the near future so stayed tuned.