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Jack Travels to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba

The U.S. is holding an estimated 450 men, mostly as "enemy combatants, at Guantanamo Bay. Most have been there since 2002. And they are from all over the world. And recently, this government has moved 14 top Al Qaida figures from secret CIA facilities around the world to this base on Cuba.

There is a very high level debate as to what is to be done with these "enemy combatants." And the debate is not your usual left v. right. Rather, Senators McCain, Warner and Graham, all Republicans, are fighting President Bush on the issue. The fight applies to detention rights, the Geneva Convention and military tribunals. Other very senior policy makers and military people have also weighed in, including former Secretary of State Colin Powell who was also the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. And he opposes the President on this one.

Jack has recently talked with Tony Snow, the White House Press Secretary and Jen Daskal, the head of Human Rights Watch. Each strongly opposes the other's position. Over the coming days, we will talk with others involved in this controversy. The issue may turn out to be one of the most important of the upcoming election.

Our discussion will culminate at the end of September when Jack will travel to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, to interview those involved on the base itself.