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Jack Goes to GTMO, Cuba.

I'm sitting here in Washington DC not for from the U.S. Senate Chambers. I can see the dome of the building out my window. In those Chambers, they are right no discussing the fate of some 460 men who are being held in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba besides about how many others who might be picked up in the future.

As I write this, I'm torn. Only a couple of hours ago, I was standing outside of a Maximum Security Detention Facility, on GTMO. As I looked up through the razor wire, I saw the American flag fluttering in th breeze. I know that some of the most dangerous man in the world are here. Men like Khalid Sheik Mohammed. I know that. And yet, don't they have some rights? Shouldn't they? Some of these in past were absolutely innocent. What about them?

Today on the program, we are going to look at both sides. We will talk to the commander of this base as well as a former detainee who spent years here. We expect this to be like nothing you've ever heard before.
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