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Jack Rice is a criminal defense trial lawyer who provides legal advice to those charged with crimes in Federal and Minnesota State courtrooms.


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Jack Goes to Washington DC

I step off the plane in Washington DC and feel invigorated. I know that I only have a few hours and I better get started. I race from the airport into Washington. And things are already hopping. The President is in town. The former President of Iran is just down the street. And midterm elections are on the horizon.

As events continue to unfold in Washington DC, it is important to understand what is going on. It is also important to understand how decisions that are made in DC impact the people of Minnesota. For this reason, I'm traveling to Washington DC. For this reason, I have questions and am looking for answers.

The impact of this President on what is happening around the world cannot be overestimated. President Bush has made long lasting policy decisions that are impacting us in many ways. As more than 130,000 U.S. troops are contimuing to fight in Iraq plus thousands more fight in Afghanistan, we are going to look at exactly how decisions in the nation's capital impact us.

One very big question to look at is how the President communicates to the press and to the people. As I walk into the White House Press Room in the Executive Office Building across from the White House, I look at the podium and wonder. Do the facts get out? Are the people "played" or is this President more interested in providing information to the people than impressing the media pundits and experts?
Of course, after walking into this very same room, I also notice the cameras and other equipment jammed into this very small space. As I look at this high-tech gadgetry, I think about the impact that a few words can have on billions of people. How these few words can motivate millions, no, billions of people to act. To help us. To hate us.

As I look at my watch, I realize that time is fast approaching for me to broadcast my show live just a few steps from the White House Press Room. As I look at the papers and talk to officials, I see that this epicenter of the political world provides more than enough information for me to get started.
As I step into this very small studio, I'm excited. It isn't much space but I don't need much. All I need is a computer, a microphone and the chance to talk to the people making the decisions that impact all of us. Of course, it is the listeners that make the whole show. Without them, nothing works. Without them, I'm simply talking in a closet. And that just won't do!