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Jack Rice is a criminal defense trial lawyer who provides legal advice to those charged with crimes in Federal and Minnesota State courtrooms.


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The Jack Rice Show, Wednesday, January 31, 2007.

As former New York Times columnist journalist testified in the Scooter Libby trial, Jack spoke with Gary Gilson, the former executive director of the MN News council about the problem when journalists are used by their sources.

Jack took calls on the latest comments from President Bush saying that it's not up to the government to decide CEO compensation. If other countries' CEOs average 10-20X their average employees salaries, why are CEOs in this country making hundreds of times that number?

A New Jersey high school is trying out a new policy to test students to see if they've been drinking in the last 80 hours. How far should this go?

David O'Hara, a professor of economics at Metropolitan State University discussed big retailers gettting into the banking business. Does this limit competition or simply allow people to have more options?

Carl Cannon, a writer for The Atlantic discussed honesty in our presidents. Are we expecting too much? The distinction seems to be whether the lie is about a personal benefit or protecting the public good. Of course, that distinction may be difficult to determine.