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Jack Rice is a criminal defense trial lawyer who provides legal advice to those charged with crimes in Federal and Minnesota State courtrooms.


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The Jack Rice Show, Tuesday, March 13, 2007.

Should foreign nationals with green cards have the right to vote in local elections. They can in 6 cities in Maryland and for school board elections in Chicago. Jack discusses the bill of allowing the state constitution to change so that permanent residents could vote in local elections.

A bill in the Wisconsin legislature would mandate sexual offenders to place bright green license plates on their cars. Is this a good way to keep an eye on these people or does it become a scarlet letter that could make them more dangerous?

Education is one of the most expensive and challengin areas facing local and national government today. Former U.S. Secretary of Education Dr. Rod Paige joins the program and shares what he feels are the problems in our country's educational system, most importantly, teacher unions; Judy Schabach, of Education Minnesota has a chance to respond.