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Jack Rice is a criminal defense trial lawyer who provides legal advice to those charged with crimes in Federal and Minnesota State courtrooms.


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Should President Obama Lift the Ban on the Coverage of Flag Draped Coffins Coming Home from Warzones?

kogo2 There has been a debate in this country for decades about whether the public can handle being exposed to the ramifications of war, namely death.  In 1991, the first President Bush banned coverage of flag draped coffins being flown home from distant shores.  The ban has been in place ever since. military_coffins15 President Obama now faces the question about the lifting of the ban.  And whether or not there should be limitations to lifting the ban.   It seems the balance involves respect for the dead, respect for the families of the dead, privacy, acknowledging sacrifice and the true cost of war and even the impact that the scenes might have on the nation's resolve. Tonight on Top Story with Jack Rice on AM 600 KOGO, Jack will open up the phones and ask a simple question with few simple answers:  Should President Obama lift the ban?  If so, should there be any limitations?  Should the families of the fallen have the right to "opt out" their loved one's remains from photos?  Is the loss a personal one or a national one?  Does that change the answer? Listen to the program on AM 600 KOGO  in San Diego or at at 6:00 p.s.t.  You can call in at 1-800-600-5646.