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Jack Rice is a criminal defense trial lawyer who provides legal advice to those charged with crimes in Federal and Minnesota State courtrooms.


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Tonight on KOGO: Pink Friday - California Has Sent Out 26,000 Tentative Pink Slips to School Districts. Does this Make Any Sense?

kogo7 California just sent out 26,000 tentative pink slips to school districts across the state.  With the economy continuing to tank, along with the $8.4 billion in cuts already agreed to, this may not be enough.  Forecasters say it may get worse.  So what to do? education Here are some statistics: California is educating 2 million more students now than they did in 1980.  A 53% increase. Diverse languages of our students increased by 382% since 1980. Students with special needs increased by 89%. In CA, there are 68 staff for every 1,000 students compared to 90 staff per 1,000 nationwide. The typical American school has 30% more teachers, 61% more school administrators and 92% more counselors than California. Regarding spending, in 1972, CA ranked 19th in the nation; 2005, 34th in the nation, 2009, 47th in the nation. If education is the silver bullet, what do we do? Jack opens up the phones and takes your calls on KOGO Radio in San Diego and  1-800-600-5646.