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The Marine Corps Took Responsible for the Crash of a Fighter Plane in San Diego that Killed Four. Will Anybody be Held Responsible? Should They Be?

kogo1 According to the Marine Corps' Commanding General's Investigation, the crash of an F/A 18 that crashed into a University City neighborhood, killing four on December 8, 2008, was clearly avoidable.  If the pilot and officers on the ground had followed procedures and if the Marine Corps had grounded the plane when it was aware of fuel problems months earlier, the four people killed at the scene would be alive today. fa18 AP Photo During a briefing, the a Marine Corps Investigator stated that those involved ignored checklists and their failure to follow appropriate procedures caused the crash.  While no criminal charges are pending, four officers - the squadron commander, the squadron operations officer, the standardization officer and the maintenance officer have been relieved of their duties while nine other Marines have been reprimanded.  The pilot, Lt. Dan Neubauer has been grounded and his status is currently under review. Military Jet Crash AP Photo Jack opens up the phone to talk about responsibility and to ask the question:  What should we demand the government do.  Join Jack tonight on KOGO radio and at 6:00 p.m. p.s.t. to talk about it.  Call in at 1-800-600-5646.