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Jack Rice is a criminal defense trial lawyer who provides legal advice to those charged with crimes in Federal and Minnesota State courtrooms.


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[RTTV Washington DC] July 25th: Jack Talks Whether Russia/Trump Investigation Has a Smoking Gun

I appear on RTTV out of Washington DC with Ed Schultz on July 25th.  The Russia/Trump Investigation keeps chugging along. Kushner just testified before both the House and Senate Intelligence Committees. Now, Manafort is getting ready to testify. Also, Mr. Trump himself continues to push on Attorney General Sessions to quit. He hasn't said that but it is clear that that has to be his motivation. Of course, the problem is he pushed out FBI Director Comey because of Russia and now seems to be doing the same thing with Sessions. It certainly feels like obstruction. Further, Congress just passed legislation for sanctions against Russia and the question is whether or not the President will sign it into law. If he doesn't, this could certainly drive the Republicans in the House, his only protection at this point on the impachment issue, to start to shift in their seats. Of course, Trump has always been willing to push beyond what anybody in the States has ever seen so it is hard to tell exactly what he is willing to do.

So, simply put, there is a lot to talk about.