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[WVLY West Virginia] July 27th: Jack Talks Trump's Disgusting Military Transgender Tweet

I appear on WVLY West Virginia on July 27th with my buddy Howard Monroe. Mr. Trump seemed to take everybody my surprise including the Pentagon when he tweeted that he was going to exclude all Transgender people from serving in the military. His claim seems to be that they are disruptive and cost too much.

Lets start with the disruptive part. This is what some said about minority groups, specifically African Americans. Some said the very same thing about women. Those same people then shifted to the gay community. It seems that the idiocy that drove each of those arguments into the proverbial trash bin of history has found their latest target, the transgender community. There is simply no study that supports this contention. Thousands serve honorably in the military now and the country has not fallen. Further, the U.S. spends tens of thousands of tax dollars to recruit people to serve, and these people want to serve.  The question is about their conpetency, not how they identify themselves.

As to the price, this is simply false.  There is nothing in the literature that supports this. Even the Rand Corporation, unabashedly conservative, that has put the additional cost for the thousands who serve at a miniscule number compared to the entire budget.  Compare this to the cost of viagra and this argument is nothing but laughable.

This is going to be a fun conversation and Howard is just a great guy.