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Most people assume the a juvenile conviction will not follow you into adulthood and that these are just freebies that you don’t have to worry about. This simply may not be the case. There are a whole series of charges that can absolutely follow one after they turn eight. In fact, because of what happens in these cases, their circumstances as adults may be substantially worse. Because of this, it is critically important to treat juvenile charges with the greatest care and fight them as aggressively as they would adult charges.

Also, sometimes the things we do as children are the very things that haunt us into adulthood. Because of this, sometimes early intervention to address certain behaviors will help avoid future problems while at the same time helping in the defense of a current case. Jack has represented clients in juvenile cases fore many years and he efforts are designed to address current issues as well as hopefully help avoid future ones.

Jack is honestly the best criminal defense attorney I have ever seen. His presence in the courtroom is phenomenal and second to none.
— Anonymous Client Testimonial