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Sometimes TV isn't as Glamorous as You Might Expect, Even When You are Talking About Law.


When you watch the news or talk shows, there is sometimes a perception of people talking to one another. Rarely is that the case. I just walked off of a set and I think this picture gives a better view of what it's like. Oh the glamour.

I have been doing this for many years and I have actually found myself laughing while I was doing these “hits.” That’s typically what we call them. Notice the ear piece connected to the back of my coat. This is generally my only contact to the outside world, whether I am talking to somebody in the next studio over or somebody across the world which is generally more my specialty.

I have no face to talk to, no screen with which to interact. All I typically see is a black piece of glass and nothing more. Then of course, it is rounded out by mounds of equipment and flood lights that look great for viewers but give “the talent,” God I hate that fucking description, the perception of standing on a street in 19th Century London when smog was so bad if seemed like fog. That’s right, nothing but haze and a piece of black glass and a disembodied voice. As if any of that weren’t enough, add the fact that we are in a sound proof room without windows or natural light, and you pretty much have the picture. Not exactly a warm embrace.

Now, act natural, act like its a casual conversation and have fun. Like I said, glamorous. Ridiculous.