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More of U.S. Intelligence and Defense Mechanism Stripped Away.

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President Trump just forced out Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats. It has been a tumultuous relationship in which they have disagreed strong on Russia, Iran, North Korea and Saudi Arabia among other issues. Trump, above all likes loyalists and yes men who tell him what he wants to here. Doubt me?


Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis, Retired Marine General, Former Head of the U.S. Central Command. Gone

Chief of Staff John Kelly, Retired Marine General and Former Secretary of Homeland Security and Head of Southern Command. Gone.

National Security Advisor, Retired Lt. General HR McMaster, Silver star, 2 bronze stars. Gone

National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, Retired Army Lt. General, Former Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency. Gone.

The first three were gone because they disagreed. The other was convicted of crimes. Either way, they speak for themselves. The President decided he knew better. Um, yeah . . .

I appear on Voice of America to discuss.