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Another Jury Trial and Justice Prevails

Just back from a trip to Memphis and walk into a courtroom to handle an assault case in Ramsey County, MN.  A little tired but ready for battle.  Of course, don't think it is going to come this quickly.  Judge Stephenson has other ideas so find out that it is time to pick a jury.  Certainly fine with me as my client has been waiting for justice in this case.

The jury panel appeares and we work our way through the group over two days until we find something that we believe will work for us.  Then it is time for opening statements, which gives us the chance to lay out what we expect to hear from the jury.  It goes well.

Finally, the case gets laid out and the jury listens as the prosecutor tries to establish their burden of proof. Unfortunately for them, things don't go as they plan and their witnesses don't hold up under cross examination.  I can see it in the eyes of the jurors.  They simply aren't buying what the State is selling.  Things continue like this until the State rests.

At this point, I put up my only witness, my client.  This can be scary because you expose them to everything and you never know how it will play out.  However, my client is adament and the circumstances reflect the need for her to take the stand.  She is magnificent and the most crdible witness of the trial.  I couldn't be more pleased.

The Defense rest at this point and we prepare for closing arguments.  I am thrilled as I have a laundry list of points to highlight.  After Closings, the jury goes to deliberate.

They are gone less than 15 minutes.  Not Guilty!  My client smiles and looks at me.  I look at the jury.  A good day.