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Probation Violations and Revocations

Probation violations can frequently be more difficult to deal with than the original underlying charge.  You or your loved one could face more time in custody from the violation than from the original conviction.  Therefore, it is vital to do everything necessary to defend against possible violations.

In order to deal with this unique part of criminal defense law, it is necessary to really clarify whether or not there was a violation.  Just because a probation officer claims there was a violation does not necessarily make it so.  The state has the burden to prove the violation.  In order to defend such a claim, it is important to understand the terms and conditions of the original probation.  This is critical in order to defend.

In the event that a probation violation has occurred, a good defense lawyer does not stop there.  In fact, this is frequently where an aggressive and imaginative criminal defense lawyer can be most helpful.  This may apply to helping to minimize the violation to coming up with better alternative consequences than those suggested by the probation officer and even those thought of by the court. This may also include issues of treatment, restitution, counseling, and addressing addiction issues.

No matter what the alleged violation, you or your loved one should never go into it alone.  Experience, aggressiveness and imagination.  All are critical to the successful defense of somebody charged with a probation violation. As importantly, it is important to have somebody stand in your corner because the prosecutor and probation are likely the last ones to do that. Jack will have your back.

Jack’s professionalism and sincerity quickly set my mind at ease throughout the legal process.
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