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Violent Criminal Offenses

People charged with violent offenses may face everything from misdemeanor 5th degree assault to murder.  And sometimes, the facts surrounding the claims may at first glance appear to be overwhelming.  Further, without careful analysis by an experienced criminal defense attorney, a jury may want to find somebody, anybody, responsible for the crime.  It isn't, and shouldn't be, that simple.

Preparation and experience are both essential when it comes to defending those charged with violent crimes.  The police will take photos, take statements and acquire other evidence and will reach conclusions. However, just because the police and prosecutors make their own conclusions does not mean that a jury has.  And that means something  This distinction between police and prosecution conclusions and actual guilt is critical because those conclusions may be paper thin and the entire case may have paper thin conclusion on top of paper thin conclusion.

If you or a loved one have been charged or about to be charged, the prosecutor still has to prove guilt.  This is when you need Jack more than ever.

Violent crimes may include but are not limited to:

  • Murder

  • Attempted Murder

  • Assault with a Deadly Weapon

  • Rape

  • Sexual Conduct with a Child

  • Terroristic Threats

  • Gun Charges

Jack has experience both as a former Minnesota prosecutor and as a criminal defense attorney dealing with these kinds of cases.  If a case is "thin", Jack can find out how.  If the police reach the wrong conclusions and prosecutors charge incorrectly, Jack can catch it.  If the case goes to trial, Jack will fight it.

If you or your loved one is charged with a violent offense, don't just hope the prosecutor will be kind and "give you a break."  And don't put your hopes in a criminal defense attorney who is untested.  Go with an attorney who relishes the opportunity to fight for you.  

Jack took my case to trial. Would recommend to anyone looking for a lawyer who is great at what he does.
— Anonymous Client Testimonial